What Is WordPress Themes Beginners Guide

In this blog, we will discuss what is WordPress themes are. The themes of WordPress websites define the layout and design of your website.

When you visit any website, you observe that the website has a certain layout or design. That layout makes the website either eye-catching or ugly, but you see a layout there.

In the case of WordPress websites, the WordPress theme decides what will be the look and feel of the WordPress website.

In this article, we will understand what the theme is and what the theme actually does on the WordPress website. So keep reading this article till the end and keep learning.

What is the theme?

In literature, there are different meanings of theme, but in computers, “A theme is a predefined package or set of commands that contain graphical appearance and details of functionalities of a software product or operating system”. Basically, we use themes to customize the look and feel of a software product. We customize it according to our desire so that we can give an aesthetic look to our software.

What is the WordPress theme?

In WordPress, there is a basic structure that defines what will be the look and feel of your website. Basically, WordPress is a CMS and we get pre-built themes of WordPress and we just install our desired theme on our WordPress website then we activate it, and boom. The look and feel of our website totally change. Every theme has some basic functionalities that are built into the theme. We can also call them predefined functionalities. These functionalities are related to the features of our theme. If you don’t like some functionalities or design of your theme, but don’t want to change the theme. It means you just want to add or remove some functionalities and are willing to make a little bit of change in your WordPress theme, you can also do that by editing the code of your activated theme. But one thing always keeps in mind is that you can only do it if you have some know-how with codings like HTML, CSS, PHP, or JavaScript. If you do not have any programming knowledge then please never try to edit the code of your theme.

Basically, WordPress is open-source software and you have full access to its code. That is why you can make custom coding on your WordPress website.

Are WordPress themes paid or free?

There are a large number of WordPress themes available in the market. Some are free and some are paid. It doesn’t mean WordPress has only a few free themes. There are a large number of free themes available for you.

But, as we know, there is a quote, “There is no free lunch”. The same rule applies here, free themes do not have more functionalities and super attractive designs. So, to make our website beautiful and attractive, we need to buy a theme and enjoy the full version of our WordPress theme.

From where we can get free WordPress Themes?

We can get free WordPress themes either from the theme repository of WordPress and Install and activate them or we can also get them by searching on google. When we search on google, we get an option to download the theme on our computer. When we download it, the theme downloads in the format of a zip file. Then we upload that zip file on our website. After uploading it was activated and implemented on our WordPress website. 

From where do we get paid WordPress Themes?

We get paid WordPress themes from certain websites like elegant themes or others like this. When you buy a paid theme, you get it in the form of a zip file because paid themes are not available in the repository of WordPress. Then you have to upload and activate them on your WordPress website.

One thing always keeps in mind is that you can install multiple themes on your WordPress website but you can activate only one. If you want to activate another theme, the first one will automatically deactivate.

I will suggest you only install and activate the theme that you are going to use and remove all other themes from your website. It will have a good impact on the speed of your website and will make your website lightweight. 

Basically paid themes are developed for certain purposes and they have a complete package according to their purpose or need they also have pre-designed templates that we can install on our website and customize according to our needs.

This was the basic introduction to the themes of WordPress. For more information, keep following Techy Orbit and keep learning.

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