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We know Google is the most popular search engine in the world of the internet and everyone who uses the internet is using its services. Many people don’t know about Google’s web hosting service. Google provides web hosting services through google cloud hosting services. Google is the most popular and powerful company and we all know its worth and power.

The services provided by Google are the best and most reliable services ever. Google also provides domain registration services which are famous as google domains. In this article, we will discuss the google web hosting service and understand what google services are. We will also get a quick overview of google domain services and their benefits.

What is Web Hosting On Google Or Google Web Hosting?

Web hosting on google or google’s web hosting is a part of the google cloud platform. Google cloud platform allows you to host your website on google with development tools and services. By using the services of google cloud, you get the developer tools provided by Google and those tools help you to enhance your user experience. Google Cloud has managed resources for you, by using them you can manage and accelerate your website.

Google Web Hosting Services

As we have discussed above, google web hosting is the service of the Google cloud platform. When we go to the google cloud platform and search for “Web Hosting”, google shows us different results. All results are related to the web hosting services managed by the google cloud platform. We will discuss a few of them here and learn about their purposes.

Firebase Hosting By Google

When we search for web hosting at the google cloud platform, the first search result is Firebase hosting. According to Google, firebase hosting is the modern web solution for developers. Firebase Hosting is specially built for developers to host their web or mobile application to a global content delivery network (CDN). Developers can use this service of Google to perform their development in an effective way. This tool of google will also empower them and manage their work in an effective way.

When you use Firebase Hosting by Google, you get the following key features that empower your work:

  • Served over a secure connection – The modern web is pre-secured. It means zero-configuration of SSL is required on Firebase Hosting, your content is always securely delivered to the internet with Firebase Hosting.
  • Fast content delivery – While using Firebase Hosting each file that you upload is cached on SSDs at CDN edges around the world. The content is delivered so swiftly, no matter where your users are located.
  • Rapid deployment – By using the CLI of Firebase Hosting you set your app live and get it up in a few seconds. CLI tools provided by Firebase Hosting allow you to do so.
  • One-click rollbacks – Deployments of your apps quickly is a very good thing but being able to undo mistakes is even better. Firebase Hosting provides you with the facility of rollbacks to rectify your mistakes and launch an advanced version of your app.

Pantheon WebOps Platform

Pantheon is the only fastest and most reliable WebOps platform to run and host Drupal and WordPress websites. If you are going to launch high traffic and complex website, you need reliable resources and a strong up time to make your projects successful. For such projects, you need the right platform. Pantheon ensures you that your website will always be at its best. They offer more than hosting, they make sure the success of your web project.

Pantheon WebOps Platform provides an enterprise-grade cloud web operations solution for WordPress and Drupal open-source CMS for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This is serving millions of websites and their billions of web pages and optimizing their speed and uptime.

On pantheon, with a few clicks, you can deploy your Droppel and WordPress websites in a secure and successful way. Google cloud platform empowers the usage of pantheon for your WordPress and Drupal web projects.

Moreover, you get the following benefits when you use Pantheon WebOps Platform with google cloud.

  • High-performance hosting with the power of google
  • Professional developer tools to manage your work
  • Automated workflows in an effective way
  • Dependable website security for secured content delivery

Apache HTTP Server

Apache is a popular HTTP web server. This webserver was released in 1995. You can use this server for dynamic and static websites with the most popular web programming languages. In google cloud web hosting services, this server runs on the google compute engine. In google cloud services, the apache server is deployed to a single compute engine instance.

You can use the Apache HTTP server with google cloud to make your dynamic or static websites faster, more reliable, and more productive. This is the power of Google which makes your work so easy.

These were the three different services that we found on the google cloud platform related to google web hosting. There are a lot of different services, you can find more by visiting the cloud platform of google and typing “web hosting” in the search engine.

Is Google Web Hosting Free To Use?

The simple and sweet answer is no. The web hosting services by google are not free. You have to pay for them. In the start, google offers you a free coupon but ultimately you have to pay for it. We know very well, that “There is no free lunch” is a famous English phrase. As Google is providing us with the most premium services, how it can be free of cost?

Even the web hosting of google is more expensive than other web hostings. The reason is simple and very clear, google provides you with premium and professional services to manage your web projects. It is understood that it will charge more than other hosting providers. Google has strong and unique benefits for you, so there should be no hassle to pay more to Google.

If you are a new user, google gives you a credit of $300 for one year as a gift or promotion coupon. After expiring that credit, you have to buy credit to use google resources.

Does Google Provide WordPress Hosting?

The simple and sweet answer is yes. Yes, Google is compatible with WordPress and you can use the google compute engine to host your WordPress websites on google. Google allows you the one-click installation for WordPress. You can launch your new website without coding with one click. This is the power of WordPress.

Google doesn’t offer support for WordPress websites because Google is not the managed WordPress hosting provider. You have to use managed WordPress services provided by different web hosts like Convesio or Bluehost for managed WordPress hosting. In managed WordPress hosting your WordPress website is automatically managed by your host.

Google Domains

Google provides the facility of domain registration to its users with a dedicated service named google domains. As we know that Google is the most popular and powerful search engine. In the search for anything on the internet, first of all, people search on google. When you use the domain services of google, google gives you the benefits of ranking and others. Google says, “Put the power of Google behind your domain”. It means we can say that buying a domain from google will be a good decision. 

The domain name is the brand name of your business that makes sure of your presence on the internet. Google domains are available at different prices. The price of a domain depends on the type of domain that you select. The .com domain on google domains is available at $12 per year. You can get an idea of the prices of google domains from the following screenshot taken from the Google Domains’ official web page.

When you buy a domain from Google, you get the following features:

  • Privacy protection – To protect your domain and its privacy
  • Google 2-Step Verification and DNSSEC – To verify whether an authentic user is using the domain or not
  • Secure and reliable Google Cloud DNS – As google is the most powerful company, its cloud DNS is also very secure and powerful. You will get secure DNS with a google domain
  • Domain and subdomain forwarding – You can forward your actual domain as well as subdomain
  • Email forwarding – Forwarding email is an amazing feature that you get from google domains
  • 24/7 customer support – Google provides you with 24/7 customer support features. It means in the case of any problem, experts are there to solve your problem. This is a very good thing related to customer service.


Google provides Google Web Hosting services under the platform of google clouds. By using this service of Google, you can host your websites with the cloud platform of Google. Google’s web hosting services are not free of cost. Ultimately you have to pay for it. Google also provides domain registration services to its users. By using that service you can buy the domain name of your brands from google. It might be a good decision for you because google provides you with amazing features in domain registration.

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