Education Pack Education WordPress Theme


Education Pack Education WordPress Theme

Education Pack is perfect for creating an education website for any learning business related to education, teaching, and learning, and set up your site in a few steps. Thanks to the many education demos included as university, design school, language school, learning courses, music education school, dance academy, and driving school you can choose the best design that fits more to your education needs, depending on the type of education and learning institute

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Education Pack Suitable For Any Education Business Website

Education Pack Theme has a perfect design that we propose in 9 fantastic learning demos but it feet to any kind of design and all your needs :

  • E-Learning Courses: The e-learning system is becoming increasingly popular in the network because it allows users from all over the world to follow the course they prefer directly from their homes. With this handsome theme, your e-learning website will allow the teaching of many courses and it will turn your site into an academy learning center.
  • University Campus Education and College: The demo University is designed specifically for colleges, campuses, academies, education centers, and universities that want to offer a portal campus with all courses and lessons of each education sector and therefore that want to provide a powerful learning management system (LMS).
  • Design School: All design schools need to show all education branches and with this demo, it is all set up and you can easily show all your design categories and related courses.
  • Food Academy: This fantastic demo is designed for all food schools and food academies that offer individual courses, or true and proper training. Thanks to the management of teachers each chef will have its own chef profile with a list of all its courses making the site a perfect food portal.
  • Language School Learning: The language centers and language schools with this demo will allow users to book and buy different language courses and purpose as a center for language learning.
  • Kinder garden and Primary School: If you have an education center for children this is the demo for you because everything has been thought in the from the smallest details and colors to the main sections, to be clear and simple and allow the organization of all the courses that your school offers.
  • Music School Education: Many music schools have the need to be able to sell individual courses and allow students to leave feedback, this is the demo designed specifically for these needs. This theme also allows perfect management of all teachers where students can follow them and leave a rating for the course they attended.
  • Dance Academy: Education Pack also includes a demo for all dance schools, dance academies, dance clubs,s and Dance studios that organize courses, events, and workshops and they want to show themselves in a professional way.
  • Driving School: This demo suits any type of driver school, driver training, and driving school and you can easily list courses or trainers and you will also have a PayPal integration for the payment of your courses.

Starting from our ideas, have fun creating your own education theme as you like, you can also sell online your learning courses as you like.


Education Pack WordPress Theme Many Demos And Plugins Included

Education Pack is the perfect theme for your education and learning business and with a few simple steps, you can get your site ready with a lot of pages designed specifically for the education areas.

Whether you are an individual teacher, a school, an academy, or an education organization that proposes any kind of courses you should buy this theme. Tons of Features, custom page builder components, free plugins, easy settings, and much more will help you to attract the attention of your users, students, scholar as well as all kind of learners.
This education WordPress theme has its learning management system ( LMS ) built in and provides an easy way to create and sell courses online.

You can easily set up your course in the back and front editor and manage all orders.
It could be also possible to create a single course landing page since, with its course booking system, you can let users buy the course through PayPal.

Also, a single teacher can build up a landing with his teacher profile and all courses online. It is also possible to use the learning system to let the students book the courses.
All education centers Moreover, thanks to the theme features, can allow students – registered on the site – to follow a teacher and leave feedback for each course they attended.

In this way, in each teacher’s profile, it is possible to check his course rating and also contact him through the contact form present in each profile.
This education theme is responsive and it looks great on any device like a Pc, mobile, or tablet also it is retina ready and it is visible so fantastic even by retina devices.

Education Pack uses WP Bakery Page builder to let you create fantastic responsive pages with a simple drag and drop interface also in Live view. If you need also the Education Theme HTML and Learning PSD Theme you can find them on our ThemeForest portfolio.


Learning Course WP Plugin

Education Pack includes the Learning Course Plugin and it is built from the base up with the purpose best WordPress education theme and to offer the best LMS experience. With this plugin, you can quickly create beautiful courses using WordPress and built them both in the back and front editor mode through the page builder Wp Bakery.

You have also the ability to offer courses for free, or sell access to your lessons and materials with a PayPal integration the best the most secure payment method on the Web.

The best add-ons include in the plugin are:

  • Bookmark: Useful bookmark manager for courses, so students can easily find their favorite courses.
  • Compare: Students with this feature can easily compare up to 3 courses with each other
  • VC Integration: Custom page builder components such as the post grid for displaying and filtering the various courses, the custom research, the post grid of categories and teachers, and much more.
  • Documents: It is possible to assign more documents to each course and set them private for logger students only.
  • Social Share: It allows you to easily share the course on the most popular social
  • Follower: Useful add-ons to allow users to follow their favorite teachers with a simple click.

Thought for Education Business

Education is a theme designed for schools that organize online courses and offer a complete e-learning education service. The single course page contains all the information that the school needs to communicate to its students and there is a course payment system integrated with PayPal.

This education theme also includes the management of single teachers who will have a custom page to show their courses, contacts, and all education material. The teacher in this way will be able to share education material on his page that will be immediately visible to his students.

Education Pack is a really useful theme with a stunning-looking pixel-perfect design and also works great.
Our theme comes with lots of useful features that make it stand out from the competition and, thank you to the most famous page builder Wp Bakery you won’t need to write even a single line of code to build any type of page. For sure, you know CSS, you can always enter your custom CSS easily.

The students can also leave a rating for each course and on the teacher page, the user can see the global rating of all teacher courses.
The e-learning courses will be filtered through a search box that will filter the courses by category, date, and the type and the individual course page will contain the course program, and the education material of the course and students will be able to leave a rating for the course.

Education theme fit fo cooking schools that hold classes but is also suitable as a promotional site for an individual teacher, single course, driving school, English school, language school, psychology courses and so on.
The theme provides a cart for the purchase of the courses and the users can pay for the course in a few easy steps through Paypal and start learning.

Education Pack Education WordPress Theme Updates:

Monthly Updates Guaranteed!! If you are looking for a constantly updated theme and its premium plugins included ( revolution slider and wp bakery page builder ) to the latest version this is the theme for you. Updating the theme periodically is essential to maintain the full compatibility with the latest features and WordPress version. We listen to our customers and in most cases, we introduce the most requested new features. You are buying a theme that is always updated and supported by our best developers. To check the last update date, you have only to check the data ‘last update’ in the sidebar of this page.

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