How to Get Canva Premium for Free (Secret Tips)

Canva is the world’s first-class graphics design software. You will do an unbelievable design of your logo, banner, social cover photo, social logo, poster, logos, presentation, videos, flyers, cards many more in a few minutes. Thinks If you have no idea of design, Canva can help you provide you with the design idea and make you design an eye-catching design with Canva. In this blog, we discuss how to get Canva premium for free.

Imagine if you are a pro-level creator and want to design something. You go to; it will help you create instant design ideas. It is the helping hand of your instant idea about design.

Steps to Get Canva Premium for Free

If you want to use Canva premium for free to design your logo, banner, wallet, or more. Now I will discuss how to use Canva premium for free.

Step 1. The First Step Goes to the Canva Premium Landing Page

Goes to Canva Premium Landing Page
Canva Premium Landing Page

To create a Canva premium free account. You go to the Canva pro landing page to click the below button. Then you see “Try Canva Premium for free” Click here for creating a Canva premium account. Get Canva Pro For FREE

Step 2. Select Your Signup Method

Choose signup method
Choose a signup method

When you complete your first step, you see the signup method, and you choose a signup method for creating your account. You can sign up for your account through your Google account/ Facebook account/ Email id. Please select the options and click any of them as you like.

Step 3. Now Complete Your Account Information

Complete Your Account Information
Complete Your Account Information

Complete all fields of your account with valid information. Now you click the below button for completing your premium account.

Step 4. Fill up Your Payment Information (No Tension, It’s Full Free)

Payment Information
Payment Information

Your process is almost done! Then you complete your final step to fill up the payment information.

Canva only requires your payment information, not any charge money for this.

Finally, you click the below button and successfully create your Canva premium account. You enjoy the premium subscription for 1 month Free. Canva doesn’t provide lifetime free with any premium subscription.

I recommend you buy a PRO plan for $9.99 each month. While your trial membership is gone, you can’t download your necessary file without watermarks. So, you decide about it.Try Canva Pro FREE (30 Days)

Canva Price Plan

Canva offers 3 types of service plans:

  • FREE Forever
  • Pro ($9.99/mo)
  • Enterprise ($30/mo)

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How can I Use Canva?

Canva feature

If you want to know how to get Canva premium for free, we have already completed it step by step. Now we will describe how we can use Canva premium.

It is easy to use Canva. You will design all of your brand, logo, social medial logo, cover photo, personal cards, invitation, and resume, resize your website feature photo, and design logo. 

Also, you can design business cards, posters, flyers, infographics, brochures, newsletters, classroom decor kits, lesson plans, worksheets, certificates, bookmarks, class schedules, canvas prints, Easter Cards, YouTube intro, and photo books, and many more. Now we will describe step by step the brand and product which you can design by Canva.

Now Design Social Media Template

If you design for your or your buyer’s Instagram story and Instagram post, you will design it easily. We will get attractive design results on it.

You are also available to design your Facebook post and Cover with Canva. Besides, to create your design, Canva gives you an attractive design template, and you can choose an alternative template or create a custom size for the design.

Personal design template

For personal, Canva will provide you with an invitation, card, resume, postcard, and many more personal templates. You can choose any design or create a custom design size, and also, you will select multiple fonts Style and many more. It is also helpful to design your attractive T-Shirt design. Suppose you want to create a modern T-shirt. It is an easy way to your T-shirt design.

Canva uses it for growing your Business.

If you want to grow your Business with Canva, you will create an attractive and modern presentation project. You also create and resize your website cover photo with Canva. If you want to make your brand aware with an awesome logo, you also do this.

You can use a modern and eye-catching business card with Canva. Suppose you like colorful business cards and informative business cards. In that case, Canva will help you to create your business card design, and also, you design your business invoice and business pad letterhead.

Create Marketing performance with Canva

Although, If you want to create your marketing poster, flyer, infographic, brochure, or newsletter, then Canva is a beautiful result for you. It easy way to manufacture your sign, flyer, infographic, and brochure with Canva.

You will also upload your design and create new designs, colors, and fonts with Canva. If you will not do this, it has a free template for attracting your design. After you complete your plan, you will avail of a free download.

Canva is also used in Education.

Canva is also used for Education. You will create your Classroom décor kit, lesson plan, worksheet, design certificate, bookmark, and class schedule with its help.

You will design your bookmark and class schedule with Canva, it is most famous for creating your lesson plan. If your student requires a classroom decor kit, you do have not enough ideas. 

Canva also will help you to provide some ideas to develop your classroom décor kit. You search Classroom décor kit; find the different concepts in free with Canva. You will design and download it is free.

Design your favorite Trending with Canva

Trending is the most popular in the present world if you want to gift a mother’s card on mother’s day. You will design a mother’s day card or mother’s day gift card with Canva.

However, you will design Canvas prints, easer cards, YouTube intro, and photo books with Canva. You will quickly have an attractive design with Canva. So we will describe to you how to get Canva premium for free and also its useNow we will also explain its features step by step.

What feature you can use of Canva

It has come to a question, what is the feature I use on Canva free. You will get many more free elements, like photos, icons, print products, and apps, and explore and download features.

Photo Features

You will be happy to learn that Canva will provide you with free photos; the attractive photo background and nature photo feature will offer you free.

If you want to look for people, food, and another attractive photo to create your design, you will get it with a click. So we say that Canva is more famous for its free image and its multiple design background features.

How to get Canva Premium for Free Icon Features

If you are looking for a free Icon feature, Canva will provide you with different Icon features of social media, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and many more social icons.

Are you also looking for a web & SEO icon, files and folders, Business, weather, computer, and any other icons? You will find it and design your card, logo, banner, and many more in the icon feature of Canva. It will be more attractive and authenticate your design.

Print Products Feature 

Think you have no idea about business cards, postcards, invitations, custom mugs flyers, and t-shirt designs. Also, you log in to your Canva account and search those product names, and you will gate a fantastic and beautiful idea about this.

Canva can ease your life, those works you need to do more than 2 or 3 hours of work, with the help of Canva design it can be possible to do the jobs in a few minutes.

More Canva Premium Feature

  • You Can Create Custom Templates
  • Stunning Templates, Graphics, Fonts, and Logo
  • Custom Dimensions Design
  • One-click Resize Design
  • Export Your Design as JPG, GIF, PNG, Video, and PDF
  • Download Your Design Transparent Background
  • Built-in Presentation Mode
  • Team Sharing Facilities
  • Brand Managing Facilities
  • Dedicated Support
  • Single Sign-On integrations
  • Unlimited Folders
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 100GB to Unlimited Storage 

Get the Apps feature with Canva.

Canva app feature | How to Get Canva Premium for Free

Canva also has Google maps, Giphy, QR codes, Bitmoji, YouTube, Duotone, etc., app features. You can use the apps you need and will be easy for your work and your life.

Explore Feature 

If you are looking for explore feature, you will get it on Canva. You will find teams, videos, graphs & charts feature on Canva. So it is accessible to your work and short you’re working time.

Download Feature 

You will be available to download the feature on Canva and find Cavna for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS features. So it is said that Canva is all in one for its features.

How can I learn about the Canva working process?

You will learn a different way of Canva. It has provided various courses, tutorials, and blog to learn of use it.

Learn course 

If you want to learn and make yourself professional, you can learn the Canva course. They provide personal branding, social media mastery, graphic design basics, and many more methods. You will buy the courses and learn more about canvas design. It also has free lessons, and you can join the free classes in Canva.

Learn about tutorial 

Canva also has a tutorial to make you more professional. You will find different tutorials. If you are a starter of Canva, you will find getting started tutorials, design tutorials, branding tutorials, presenting a tutorial, and many more tutorials. 

So if you want to learn about the work of Canva and the process of Canva, you can learn Canva tutorials and prepare yourself to be professional.

Learn about Canva Blog 

It also has different blogs, like design, marketing, branding, nonprofits, teachers, and students. So you can learn and share your experience on the blog. Get Canva Pro For FREE

Canva’s advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Canva:

  1. Canva is an easy-to-use online design platform that offers a wide range of features and tools.
  2. With Canva Premium, you can get access to exclusive features and tools, as well as high-quality images and templates.
  3. Canva Premium is free to use for personal and commercial projects.

Disadvantages of Canva:

  1. Some of the features and tools available in Canva Premium are not available in the free version.
  2. Canva Premium is a subscription-based service, so you will need to pay for it on a monthly or yearly basis.


Many experts say that Canva is all-in-one for your design. This comparison has discussed how to get Canva premium for free and discuss what can do with Canva. We also explain the standard feature and learning ideas about Canva. If you want to use the Canva premium account, you can follow our instructions and learn to use the Canva account.

FAQs on Canva ProWhat is Canva Premium?

The Pro version of Canva is Canva Premium. It’s a new level of consistency, control, and collaboration in design. Canva use it for free?

Canva has two types of packages, one free version, and another premium version. What are better options, Canva or Photoshop?

If you use Canva, you can design anything without design knowledge. So Canva is better.

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